About M Pak Plastics Inc.

Who we are: M Pak Plastics Inc. is proud to be a successful family owned and operated manufacturing facility in Airdrie. The factory has been supplying Western Canada with polyethylene packaging for over 35 years, with current ownership taking over in June 1995.

What we make: M Pak Plastics Inc. is a mid-sized manufacturer of polyethylene packaging. At out facility in Airdrie, we extrude poly film, imprint to customer specifications, and then convert the film into a variety of bag styles. We manufacture retail flexible plastic packaging.

How we are special: Our specialty is in custom printing. We have four large volume presses that handle color processing of wide to narrow widths

A family group of companies to meet all your plastic needs!

As in any business, knowledgeable staff is key to our success. In our printing department, we have over 30 years of printing experience. We can manage anything from a simple one color job, to more complicated six color and four color projects.

At the extrusion end, where the film in actually created, we have a strong team who are constantly upgrading their skills. In the bagging room, we have formed a crew whose number one priority is product quality. They make sure the bags adhere to the customers’ specifications and to our quality standards.

In addition to all of our in-house staff, we have a close partnership with a graphic design house which does all of our art design, layout and plate making. This allows us to offer a full line of design services for those clients who need packaging designs.

Last but not least, our front end staff and sales force are all friendly, helpful and professional. Give them a call and they will do all that they can to assist you.